Composite hose

Composite Hose Construction

1. Inner Wire

2. Inner Wall

3. Hose Wall

4. Shielding Layers

5. Hose Wall

6. Cover

7. Outer Wire

Composite the vital link in cargo transfer

The point of transfer is the most vulnerable in the chain of production, distribution and use of bulk hydrocarbons, chemicals an liquefied gases.

The flexible link from one bulk container to another must be reliable, easy to maneuvers, resistant to internal and external wear and suitable for whatever product is being moved, however hazardous.

Composite hose are designed to meet the most demanding applications throughout the world and offer strength, light weight, flexibility and versatility for variations in pressure, temperature and compatibility.

In addition, all hoses in corporate unique safety features to ensure the health and safety of personnel during bulk liquid transfer of hazardous chemicals and hydrocarbons and reduce the risk of environmental pollution and the cost of spillage.

Size :1″-10″ (寸)
Maximum Length :35m (米)
Application :油料传输 Oil Transfer
:化学品传输 Chemical


:液态气体的传输 Liquid Gas


:食用油传输 Edible Oil
Temperature Rate :常温 Normal


: -20°C~+100°C


:低温 Cryogenic


: -200°C~+50°C
Work Pressure :轻型 Light Duty :7 Bar
:标准型 Standard Duty :10 Bar
:重型 Heavy Duty :14 Bar
Fitting Type :法兰 Flange :ANSI & GB & SH & DIN
:螺纹接头 Thread End :NPT & BSP & NPTS & BSPT
:快速接头 Quick Coupler