Manifold System

Manifold System



1. With fixed modules cost effective to expand.

2. We can split the unit in case of space problems.

3. Modules can easily changed and displaced.

4. Very easy to integrate in existing plants.

5. Closed pig system.

6. Very maintainable.

7. Full piggable manifold.

8. Low space requirement.


1. Pipelines with different nominal diameters (2″NB – 4″ NB) can be combined in a single design.

2. Full flexibility of orientation for installation.

3. It is possible to heat and insulate the manifold for high viscosity products.

4. The contents of a tank can be mixed through an optional tank return line at the manifold .

5. The T57 is designed for both manual and automatic operation.

6. The manifold needs only minimal maintenance and therefore has high availability.

7. Maximum reliability and protection against leakage and accidents since no flexible hoses or couplings are installed.