Onshore & offshore Connetors

Emergency Release System For Loading Arm

Onshore & Offshore connector/safety systems for the oil & gas industry

Currently the industry’s interest is in the latest development from MIB of an emergency disconnection system designed around an internal locking and release mechanism offering enhanced operator safety, a slim line/compact design but existing field-proven components.

● The clamps operate simultaneously by means of a single double acting cylinder

● The coupler is capable of connecting to a range of tanker diameters without the need of spool pieces by utilization of adjustable hook tips, and centering guides and where applicable adapter plates

● The clamping mechanism includes an over-center mechanical lock which does not rely on hydraulic pressure to maintain the connector

● The QCDC is guaranteed to disconnect under a combination of external load and operating conditions

● The unit is available for ambient, low temperature and cryogenic service

● The QCDC is available in all sizes from 2″ to 24″ diameter and for ANSI 150 and 300 pressure ratings