Service for Flexible Hose

Product Testing During Manufacture:

1. All products are 100% pressure tested

2. Hydrostatic tes

3. Elongation test

4. Electrical Continuity test

Product Testing After Care:

1. Test at regular intervals, either on site or at an approved distributors premises

2. Physical appearance check for signs of external & internal wire displacement, condition of fabric etc.

3. When to retire a hose

Service for Pigging

1. Installation the Pigging system

2. Conduct Feasibilities Site studies for customers

3. Service Inspection

4. Periodical Preventive Maitenance

Service for Loading Arm

1. Installation of New MLA/TLA

2. Conduct Feasibilities Site Studies for customers

3. Sevice Inspection of MLA/TLA

4. Periodical Preventive Maintenance of MLA

5. Major Overhaul of MLA

6. Loading System fabrication and welding

7. Mechanical, hydraulic, electric assembly,yard

8. Erection testing,FMC service technician