T-Piggable Valves

Patented tee branch valve, providing product Isolation and pig catching facilities. Can also be equipped as a launching station with integrated pig changing chamber.

The t-port valve is particularly suitable for single direction pigging systems. For such applications the t-port valve provides safe and clean pigging results comparable with two pig systems but with reduced control system.

Expenditure: with only two positions it is possible to open the t-branch and transfer the product with minimal pressure drop and also stop the pig.

In this position the pipe behind the T-port valve is isolated. In the second position the pig passage is opened and the T-branch is isolated.

The sealing principle utilized in the T-port valve is the same as our proven T41 3-Way Valve. The main seal is manufactured from PTFE and covers the valve drum completely. Hence, no product residue remains in the piggable passage.